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Bon Bon boxes contain small details, buttons, earrings, cufflinks.

Made in Italy, they are entirely handmade with fine and selected fabrics or with buttons from vintage collections.

The packaging recalls an ancient box of chocolates to enclose and complete a refined, polite and unexpected gift.


The project stems from the desire to revive details of the past in a modern key while fully respecting the elegance of an accessory that dates back to the oldest cultural tradition of costume, craftsmanship and fashion.


The packaging is designed to bring out the care with which such detailed accessories are made, objects capable of bringing an extravagant, special and sophisticated touch to any garment.


The reinterpretation in a modern key is a tribute and a declaration of love for craftsmanship.


The fabrics used are chosen with care and refinement, from private collections and ancient ateliers.

The jewel buttons are mainly Made in Italy and recovered from ancient button factories or private collections.

Alessandra Chiodi


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